Connor Smith

The best players in Super Smash Bros. Melee

The top level is constantly shifting for this 16-year-old game.
2 months ago - FGC

Icons: Combat Arena was a smashing success at Super Smash Con

Wavedash's creative director discusses building an organic esport.
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Toshiba sponsors Panda Global

Panda Global bring in the latest big-time sponsor
a year ago - Business

Druggedfox and Syrox sign with Balance Gaming

These free agents have found a home.
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Pokken prepares for its second chance on Nintendo Switch

Why this grassroots scene was a labor of love.
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Team Liquid adds ChuDat to Melee lineup

Liquid announced the signing with a rap video.
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Melee Gods, Gatekeepers gear up for Red Bull invitational

Players prepare to defend their legacies.
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New Echo Fox Challenger squad brings value beyond the Rift

This move isn't about winning, and that's just fine.
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Esports teams are increasingly looking to player wellness to prevent burnout

The latest wave of esports investment is bringing tangible benefits for players.
a year ago - Business

Mango mounts historic Mother's Day run

"If I get to him again, I know I can beat him," Mango said after Armada beat him in the semis.
a year ago - FGC