New Apex Legends “OTV Statement” confirms death of Forge

Is Revenant coming next week?

Image via That1MiningGuy/EA Games

The Apex Legends Twitter account has posted a follow-up to today’s shocking video that seemingly teased the death of Jimmy “Forge” McCormick and the arrival of the mysterious Revenant.

The statement from the in-world Outlands Television that aired the interview-gone-wrong confirms that Forge is dead. The muscular legend was set to join the game in season four, which will begin next week on Feb. 4.

Midway through the interview, the excitement was cut short when Forge was attacked from behind by Revenant, leaving Apex fans wondering what happened. The statement confirmed what most people thought, which is that Forge is dead.

The part in the statement about “another version” of the attacker being seen on Halloween is a direct reference to Revenant making an appearance during Apex’s Fight or Fright mode this past October.

It seems more and more likely that Forge was introduced solely as a bait-and-switch for Revenant, who looks like he’ll be joining the roster of legends when season four begins.

That doesn’t necessarily spell the end for Forge, though. It’s entirely possible that he could return at a later date or with season four as well. Some Apex fans have already concocted theories that Forge isn’t actually dead.

The full statement reads as follows:

As most of you are aware, there was an incident on Talos this morning that involved multiple members of our OTV family. At approximately 10:02 AM, while taping the latest episode of OTV-News’ special report series “Up Close and Personal with Lisa Stone” at the Sorting Factory Metroline stop, tragedy struck. Jimmy “Forge” McCormick was brutally attacked by an unknown assailant during his interview with Ms. Stone. Ms. Stone suffered no physical injuries and is currently recuperating at home. McCormick was pronounced dead at the scene.

If you have information as to the identity and whereabouts of the assailant, please contact Jacob Young at Syndicate Tower in Solace City. (Although Mr. Young specified that if your information involves a MRVN with fantastical claims that he interacted with “another version” of tthe attacker on Halloween, please refrain from contacting the Syndicate, as this could impede those who have actual valuable information to share).

And please join us this evening as OTV joins the rest of the Outlands in offering our condolences to the McCormick family.