Revenant makes an appearance in Apex’s new Fight or Fright event trailer

The Fight or Fright event just got a whole lot spookier.

Screengrab via PlayApex

Respawn Entertainment dropped a new gameplay trailer for the Fight or Fright Collection event today—but the Apex Legends developer showed more than just a preview for the upcoming Halloween-themed event. With today’s trailer, fans have gotten their first official look at Revenant, an unreleased legend.

In the trailer, Pathfinder enters a Wraith portal and lands in an alternative dimension of Kings Canyon. He’s quickly surrounded by other legends in their Halloween skins. Revenant then appears on top of a building and introduces Pathfinder to “[his] games,” or the Shadowfall game mode.

Unfortunately for Apex fans, this trailer doesn’t seem to be a new legend announcement. It appears that Revenant will serve as the announcer for the Shadowfall game mode—although he may be added to the game at a later date, as suggested by a leaked character schedule.

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This isn’t the first time Apex fans have seen Revenant, though. In August, data miner That1MiningGuy discovered the legend and his abilities in the battle royale’s Iron Crown patch files. Most recently, map designer Alex Graner posted a series of images to Twitter showing off the creative process behind Octane’s Gauntlet. In the images, Revenant is highlighted on one of the map’s banners.

The Fight or Fright Collection event kicks off tomorrow. Fans will have a full three weeks to try out the Shadowfall game mode and unlock as many event exclusive rewards as they can before the Halloween-themed festivities end on Nov. 5. Once the event wraps up, the event collectibles will be stored away in the game’s vault but may return in a later event.


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