Apex Legends map designer posts images with an unknown character

The character is leading to fan speculation.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends map designer Alex Graner posted a series of photos on Twitter today, showing off the process of creating Octane’s Gauntlet. But an unknown robotic character is hidden in the background of one of the images. 

Graner made a pair of tweets showing the progress Octane’s Gauntlet with four photos each. The first set of four is untextured, but the second set is polished. And tucked away in the background on a banner, there’s a red and white robotic character that’s obviously not Pathfinder. 

Fans have speculated that this is the new character, Revenant. Revenant was leaked a couple days ago thanks to data mining. An updated picture of the in-development legend showed another robotic character that’s nearly entirely red. It’s easy to see why fans are quick to assume the character’s identity. 

The unknown character’s appearance in the image was likely intentional as a way of teasing the upcoming character. Another photo in the set shows a closer image of the red hand to the right of the screengrab, and it matches with previous leaks of Revenant. 

While some fans are convinced that this unknown character is Revenant, others remain unsure. The character’s body doesn’t match the leaks of Revenant because the proportions are off in the shoulders and structure. Since Revenant was listed as in development, it’s possible that the legend’s design has changed, leaving the exciting possibility that Graner’s tweets leaked another character.

Respawn hasn’t commented or announced anything about this unknown character, however.