Apex leaks reveal potential list of characters scheduled for development

Could Revenant be next?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Another day, another Apex Legends leak. This time, however, the leak isn’t unearthed legends or skins hidden in the game’s code—but is instead a photo revealing what could be a release schedule for the next batch of legends.

The photo came from someone who was touring Respawn Entertainment’s facility, according to a new video from Apex data miner That1MiningGuy. It seems to be a piece of paper including a list of legends separated into three different rows. At the top of the page is a date range from July 1 to Oct. 1. Each row is labeled differently, and there are several legends featured in each row.


Crypto leads the row at the top of the page labeled “production.” He is followed by Revenant, who was found in the game’s files last month shortly after the Iron Crown Collection patch hit live servers. Next to Crypto and Revenant is a third character named Loba, who has also been referred to as Rosie in previous leaks. Below the three characters is a line of text reading “feedback should be how to improve their existing abilities.”

Although Revenant first appeared in files from August, he popped up again in the recent season three update under his former name “Blackout.” Additionally, a new game mode named Shadow Squad was discovered by That1MiningGuy and the corresponding Apex’s files suggest it is hosted by Revenant. Given that Halloween is just a few weeks away, these files seem to suggest Revenant could be next up on Respawn’s release schedule, although the Apex developer has yet to even confirm the existence of a Halloween event.

The second row is labeled “design alpha” and consists of only two characters: Rampart and Valk. Underneath these two characters is a line of text reading “near being locked down—highest priority feedback.”

The final row is labeled “future characters” and features Blisk and Downfall next to two silhouettes with placeholders instead of names. The text below the characters read “any and all feedback is appreciated and useful.” Unlike the images provided for all the other characters on the list, Blisk and Downfall are lacking concept art, which seems to suggest they are further down on Respawn’s release schedule.

Fans should keep in mind this photo is a leak, meaning none of this information has been confirmed by Respawn. But given the recent release of Crypto and recent files suggesting the imminent introduction of Revenant, it may be that this list is showing the order of legend releases.

With Halloween in a few weeks, fans should expect more information regarding the leaked Fight or Fright event from Respawn soon. And we may even get a few teases for the next legend release, which could confirm the information included in today’s leak.