An Apex Legends Halloween game mode has been leaked

Kings Canyon could be played at night, finally.

Image via EA

The spookiest month of the year is finally here and recent leaks point to Respawn Entertainment adding new Halloween-themed game modes to Apex Legends.

One new game mode string is titled “Shadow_Squad_mode_about,” according to Apex data miner That1MiningGuy. It allegedly features a time-warped version of the Apex games that will be hosted in an abandoned Kings Canyon by the Revenant, a new mysterious figure. To make the game mode eerie, it’ll be hosted at night. 

Like usual, solo legends will fight to the end. But there’s a new twist when players die. They’ll be reborn on the new Shadow Squad faction and will be able to hunt living players with increased mobility and a damaging melee attack. The last 10 legends will team up to try to escape while the Shadow Squad attempts to stop them.

The Revenant has been mentioned before. He’s an unreleased legend who’s set to have a “Shadow Stance,” which could tie in nicely to the Shadow Squad game mode. So fans might get their first look at another new legend days after the release of Crypto in season three

That1MiningGuy also found that there will be new Halloween-themed skins that could be introduced to the game. These include a Frankenstein skin for Gibraltar and a spider-themed skin for Lifeline. 

Respawn is ramping up the hype for Apex and the successful release of season three seems to be the perfect opportunity to tease new features or a new game mode.