Everything we know about Apex Legends’ Crypto

Who is this mysterious character?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

A recent update to Apex Legends’ live servers has fans anxiously awaiting the battle royale’s newest playable character, Crypto.

Today, Apex fans discovered that Crypto can now be found in Kings Canyon. Players can encounter the mysterious legend at Singh Labs, where he appears in a room that’s separated by a wall with glass windows. He can be seen attempting to hack into a computer before running off with a small drone trailing him.

Today isn’t the first time we’ve seen glimpses of the character, however. He first appeared in March, when data miners unveiled an image of the legend select screen with 18 different characters. This image accurately showcased Octane and Wattson prior to their releases. Crypto was also included in the image, but he looked a little different during his reveal at a GameStop conference last month. In the leaks, he had long dreadlocks, but in the reveal, he sported a much shorter haircut.

After the Iron Crown Collection launched, data miner That1MiningGuy unearthed Crypto’s abilities from the event’s update files. Crpyto’s abilities seem to center around the drone that can be seen following him in Singh labs. His tactical ability allows the drone to hack doors, loot bins, and pick up fallen teammates’ banners, according to the leaks.

The drone also detects information up to a 30-meter distance, and Crypto’s passive ability shares this info with his teammates, according to That1MiningGuy. Crypto’s ultimate deploys an EMP blast from the drone that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables any nearby traps.

With his appearance in the game today, it seems as though Respawn is planning on releasing Crypto as a playable character soon. The Apex developer has yet to announce an official date, but fans should expect more information about his release and his abilities in the near future.