Crypto confirmed, new weapon and Halloween event leaked for Apex Legends season 3

During a Game Stop event, one hero snagged some pictures of upcoming Apex content.

Image via EA

With the last day of Apex Legends Iron Crown event in the books, fans are eagerly awaiting information on the next big thing⁠—season three. One fan leaked some content that could come to Kings Canyon as early as October.

A fan shared pictures of an Apex presentation from the 2019 GME Conference in a Reddit post, which gives us a first look into potential content for this fall. The leak includes an updated splash art for Crypto, a new weapon, and a Halloween skin for Gibraltar.


Image via u/Teves3D

Fans have long thought that Crypto would be the next legend coming to Apex⁠—and it looks like they were right.

Crypto’s updated model seems to have cut the hacker’s hair, ditching the dreadlocks from the initial leaked concept. He also has a new jacket with neon green highlights to keep him warm in Kings Canyon.

Even though his new look is impressive, the real surprise is the drone flying above Crypto. When data miners found Crypto’s abilities in the game’s files, they were taken with a grain of salt since Respawn never confirmed any of them. The hacker’s abilities were theorized to center around a flying drone that can scout areas and even emit an EMP blast. The flying robot in the updated character art, however, hints that the abilities could be an accurate representation of the hacker’s kit.

Charge Rifle

Image via u/Teves3D

The Charge Rifle is originally a gun from the Titanfall series and it seems Respawn may be bringing it to Kings Canyon. Although information on what form it will take in Apex is unknown, it’ll likely be similar to its model from Respawn’s previous games.

In Titanfall, the Charge Rifle would charge before shooting out a short burst of static electricity, dealing massive damage. It may change for Apex, though, because a long charge time for a gun can hinder players in a tense teamfight.

Halloween skin

Image via u/Teves3D

Season three begins in October, just in time for a Halloween event. This leak, featuring Franken-Gibby, hints at an event that may include multiple horrifying skins.

Games like League of Legends and Overwatch rake in a lot of cash from events like these. Following the Iron Crown loot pack controversy, players may be wary about how the new content will be introduced to fans and how much it’ll cost.

With season two nearing its end, Respawn’s junior year might shape up to be even better.