Apex Legends data miner leaks Crypto’s abilities

A data miner found files that hint at what Crypto’s kit might look like.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have been wondering when Crypto is coming to the game since the Battle Pass trailer for season two showed the character hacking the Repulsor in Kings Canyon. One data miner found files today that hint at Crypto coming sooner than we think.

Renown data miner That1MiningGuy shared his thoughts on Crypto’s potential abilities after he found some telling information in Apex’s files.


That1MiningGuy said that following the release of the Iron Crown patch yesterday, a gigantic amount of development data was mistakenly shipped out to players in the program files for Apex.

“I have confirmed with a reliable source, I don’t want to say any names, that these files were left behind by accident,” That1MiningGuy said.

The data miner was able to sift through the files to find a bunch of unreleased information on Crypto, the Surveillance Expert, including what his abilities may be.

Tactical ability: Aerial drone

Crypto deploys an aerial camera drone for 40 seconds that can be shot down by enemies. The drone can go up to 200 meters away from Crypto.

“Crypto also gets prompts on his screen regarding his distance to the drone, distance to whatever target the drone’s looking at, and he also has the ability to hack doors, loot bins, or pick up his teammates’ banners from their death boxes with his drone,” That1MiningGuy said.

Passive: Neuro link

Crypto and his teammates see what his surveillance drone detects up to a 30-meter distance from them. The drone will likely provide information on an enemy’s location.

“I’m assuming that it will either show you through walls or on your mini-map,” That1MiningGuy said.

Ultimate: Weapon drone EMP

Charge up an EMP blast from your drone and deal shield damage, slow enemies, and disable all traps.

The drone seems to be the crux of Crypto’s ability kit because his passive and ultimate abilities are used via his tactical ability. That1MiningGuy predicts that Crypto will be able to toggle between his screen and the drone’s camera to control the device to hack doors and loot bins.

That1MiningGuy admits that this is simply speculation based on the data mined files and Respawn hasn’t confirmed any of this information.

With Crypto this far into the development process, it seems like the hacker’s debut on Kings Canyon could be quickly approaching.