Apex Legends: Season two goes live with Battle Pass trailer

Daily and weekly challenges, along with new skins, available in Battle Charge.

Apex Legends launches season two with yet another trailer detailing what to expect in today’s Battle Pass.

Daily and weekly challenges give players the opportunity to level up faster, rather than grinding game after game to earn experience. Challenges can be general (get 100 headshots), legend specific (create 20 Mirage clones), gun specific (deal 4,000 damage with light machine guns), or location specific (deal 200 damage in Artillery). And, much like Fortnite’s weekly challenges, players who miss a week will be able to backtrack and complete them all at once.

Upon purchase of season two’s Battle Pass, players will receive the legendary “Intimidator” Spitfire skin. The “Iron Rampage” R-301 skin will be available through leveling up the Battle Pass.

Legendary skins, such as “Jade Tiger” Octane and “Prince of Darkness” Caustic will be unlockable as players progress through the Battle Pass.

Image via Respawn Entertainment
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Players can now further customize their legends through three new content categories: music packs to personalize your listening experience, unique loading screens, and cool skydive emotes to drop Skulltown in style.

After a disappointing season one, Respawn’s development team listened to fans by providing loads of content to keep the game feeling fresh and new. With the addition of Twitch Prime content, scheduled to come out tomorrow and continue throughout July, Apex seems to have left behind the freshman jitters.


Andreas Stavropoulos
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