Crypto makes his Kings Canyon debut in latest Apex Legends tease

The hacker has finally come.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ infamous hacker has finally appeared in Kings Canyon. Respawn teased the upcoming character Crypto by putting the hacker in Kings Canyon for Apex players to witness firsthand.

Apex theorist FrozenFroh posted a video on Reddit today that shows Crypto hacking computers at Singh Labs before making his escape.

As FrozenFroh is innocently looting his way through Singh Labs, he spots Crypto behind glass panes hacking a computer. When the hacker’s aerial drone notices the eavesdropper, Crypto quickly finishes his cyber-destruction and runs out of the room.

Screengrab via u/FrozenFroh

Crypto leaves a hacked screen in his wake that shows what appears to be the Repulsor with decrypted information.

This isn’t the first tease Respawn has added to Kings Canyon. Mysterious hacked computer screens littered Kings Canyon last week, showing a decrypting progress bar that eventually reached 100 percent.

When the bar reached 100, however, all fans got was an “Attempt Failed” message and the Kings Canyon announcer saying that the system is resetting.

Apex season three is scheduled to begin in early October. Fans will likely be able to purchase Crypto at the start of the season, similar to Wattson, who was introduced immediately in season two.