Mysterious loading screens tease upcoming Apex Legends character Crypto

The hacker’s introduction to Kings Canyon is on the horizon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans are waiting for news regarding the newest character coming to Kings Canyon, Crypto. And now, mysterious loading screens appearing around the map hint that the hacker’s debut may come soon.

Apex theorist FrozenFroh shared his discovery in a Reddit post, claiming to have found hacked screens in multiple locations on the map.

The screens appear to have been hacked, with the words “Key Decrypt” appearing on top of a progress bar that’s at 27 percent.

Some fans believe that when the bar reaches 100 percent, Crypto may be introduced. Others think that the hacker’s aerial drone might appear after data miners found files teasing the device in Kings Canyon.

FrozenFroh posted a video of the loading screen appearing at another location, with the progress at 28 percent.

There’s no indication as to how quickly the progress meter is increasing or how long it’ll take before it reaches 100 percent.

Despite the mystery behind the loading screens, one thing is certain⁠—Crypto’s coming soon.