Teaser for Crypto’s drone coming to Apex Legends

A data miner believes a potential teaser of the aerial drone is coming soon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans are patiently waiting for Kings Canyon’s newest character Crypto to be released. And now, a data miner found a file that suggests the hacker’s debut may be coming soon.

Data miner RealApexLeaks leaked a file in a tweet today that suggests Crypto’s drone may appear in an in-game teaser.

The data-mined files include words like “teaseDronePropSpawned” and “teasePointLight,” which gives an inkling that Crypto’s drone will appear in Kings Canyon to tease the upcoming legend.

A “light” will be a part of the tease, which may have to do with the aerial drone’s spotlight making it visible on the map.

This comes a week after data miner That1MiningGuy found a similar file that suggested the drone may already have been in the game.


Another data miner Miniguyw also rendered Crypto’s drone, showing fans what its abilities will look like.

The drone’s Kings Canyon appearance isn’t the first teaser for the hacker, however. In June, fans found a laptop mysteriously left in Kings Canyon. The most noteworthy item on the laptop’s screen was the Repulsor, which was responsible for keeping wild creatures out of Kings Canyon. Since then, the Repulsor was destroyed by Crypto with the introduction of season two, giving way to Flyers and Leviathans to traverse the map.

As Crypto’s drone goes further along the development process, fans hope that the hacker will come to Apex at the start of season three.