Apex data miner unearths Halloween skins

A Halloween event may be on the horizon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

October is finally here, which means it’s officially time to start planning your Halloween decorations. Respawn Entertainment seems to be doing just that and an Apex Legends data miner has discovered new skins for a Halloween-themed event later in the month.

After the season three update hit the live servers earlier today, Apex data miner That1MiningGuy posted an image from the game’s new files revealing three legend skins and two weapon skins. The image shows a clown skin for what appears to be Caustic, a dapper Vampire skin for Crypto, and a spooky Pumpkin-themed look for Bloodhound.


A second image from That1MiningGuy includes a Frankenstein skin for Gibraltar and an orange outfit for Wattson. The image also features a preview of a spidery skin for Lifeline, in which the combat medic’s skin takes on a green hue.

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Similarly, That1MiningGuy found code for spiders and what appears to be zombies, which may indicate a PvE event is coming to the battle royale. The code lays out models for the spiders and the “infected,” which are described as human corpses or zombies. Both the spiders and the zombies have death animations and glowing eyes, according to the files.

Fans got their first look at the Gibraltar skin when leaked photos surfaced from the 2019 GME Conference in August. The set of leaked photos also included previews of Crypto and Apex’s physical editions, both of which proved to be true after Respawn confirmed the releases the following month.

Respawn has yet to announce a start date for the Halloween event, but players should expect more information to be revealed in the weeks to come.