Apex’s season 3 Meltdown hits live servers

Crypto, World’s Edge, and more.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Season three has finally begun and Apex Legends fans can now try out the game’s newest features.

The season has introduced a new map called World’s Edge, while removing Kings Canyon from play. The new map is characterized by a lava-engulfed area and a frozen icy one. The highlight of the map, however, is a train that moves around the island, a feature new to Apex and one that allows players to tactfully reposition while still being able to loot.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex fans can now play as Crypto, a hacker who uses a drone to open doors, locate enemies, and pick up fallen teammates’ banners. Additionally, he can throw out an EMP as his ultimate to deal 50 shield damage, destroy traps, and slow players. Players will need to purchase the hacker for 12,000 Legend Tokens before they’re able to play him.

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A new weapon called the Charge Rifle will make its debut with the season’s launch. The weapon uses energy ammo and is classified as a sniper rifle. It can be seen in the season trailer, where Crypto uses it to charge up a shot before taking out Caustic after he sneaks up on Mirage.

The season is also launching with a slew of balance updates, including a few changes to golden gear. The level four body armor has taken the Fast Use perk, which allows players to heal and use shields 50 percent faster. The backpack now has a new perk called Guardian Angel, which grants allies increased health and shield upon revival.

A new battle pass has launched with season three. The pass costs 950 Apex Coins and will allow players to unlock new legendary skins for both legends and weapons.

Furthermore, two new hopups have arrived in the battle royale. The first, named Double Tap Trigger, goes on the G7 Scout or EVA-8 and allows users to fire two quick shots with each trigger pull. The second hopup is called Anvil Receiver and increases semi-auto damage while reducing the rate of fire for the VK-47 Flatline or the R-301.

Lastly, changes are coming with the introduction of the Ranked League Series Two. Ranked will undergo a soft reset and ranked points will be multiplied by 10, meaning both costs and payouts for ranked matches will increase. Additionally, assists now count toward the kill multiplier and new leaderboards will become available for each platform.

The three-month long season three will remain on Apex’s live servers until the end of the year.