Apex Legends season 3 trailer unveils new map called World’s Edge

There will definitely be fire and ice.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

After weeks of teases and leaks, Respawn finally revealed the Apex Legends season three trailer—and a new map named World’s Edge is making its debut.

Respawn posted the Meltdown launch trailer on the Apex Twitter today, showcasing a new map and giving fans a first look at what the upcoming legend Crypto is capable of.

The trailer documents the legends’ trip to Talos, a new planet. As the characters get ready to skydive off the dropship, Apex fans get a first look at World’s Edge.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The terrain is varied, with some locations engulfed by snow and ice spikes and other areas steaming with molten lava. The environment will undoubtedly play a big part in gameplay since players will likely have to stay clear of natural dangers—much like staying away from the Leviathan’s massive foot in Kings Canyon.

Fans get to finally see what Crypto’s abilities can do, as well.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

After the hacker loads his ultimate ability, the EMP, Crypto’s aerial drone pulses to take out the enemy Gibralar’s gun shield. Crypto is then able to take down the big man with minimal effort using his Wingman pistol.

The last tease comes when Crypto aims the new weapon, the Charge Rifle, at the enemy Caustic stalking his teammate. After a second of charging, the rifle bursts out a huge electric projectile that wipes out the Toxic Gasser.

If the launch trailer is any indication of how good season three may be, Meltdown is going to be hot.