Here are all of the changes coming to Apex’s Ranked League series 2

Get ready for a new points system.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have under two weeks to complete their series one ranked climb before changes to the battle royale’s ranked mode arrive with season three.

Respawn Entertainment previewed the upcoming season today, revealing all of the changes that are scheduled to hit Apex’s ranked mode with season three. Tiers and divisions will remain the same and players will still need to be level 10 before participating in the ranked mode. But the scoring system will undergo a rehaul and everyone’s rank will be soft reset before the new system takes place.

Moving forward, all ranked points will be multiplied by 10 to allow Respawn to hand out points in between one and two RP. Previously, players would be awarded individual points based on eliminations, while placements in a match earned players upwards of 12 points.

Now, 10th place rewards players with 10 points, while a match win will yield 100 points. Additionally, assists will now count toward kill score. If a player is revived, however, their assist credit is cleared. The combined kill and assist score will continue to be capped at five per match.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Entry costs will reflect the changes in RP. Bronze matches will remain free of cost, but the costs for the other tiers will increase by increments of 12 starting with Silver at 12 RP.

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Those who reach Apex’s highest rank, Predator, will see their standings on a worldwide leaderboard. The standings will be separated by platform, meaning PlayStation, Xbox, and PC will all have their own leaderboards.