Respawn reveals end-of-season rewards for Apex’s ranked mode

Weapon charms, skydive trails, and more.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season two ends later this month, giving fans approximately two weeks to climb in the battle royale’s ranked mode before the ladder resets. Respawn Entertainment is giving players a bit of extra incentive to reach that next rank with new end-of-season rewards.

Every player who participated in Apex’s ranked mode and earned a rank will receive a badge commemorating them on their efforts. Players will be able to equip the badge on their player banners to show off their rank from the previous season. Additionally, players will unlock a weapon charm, a decorative coin-like item that hangs on the side of their weapon that shows off their season two rank.

Those who reach the Diamond or Predator ranks will receive an additional reward: a skydive trail that follows the player as they drop into a match. Diamond players will unlock a blue trail resembling electricity, while players in the Predator rank will earn a red trail.

Players will unlock their rewards once the season ends later this month. Respawn has yet to announce an official end date for season two, but according to a season schedule released earlier in the year, the season is set to end sometime in September. Given that the season kicked off in early July, fans can expect the next season to approach in the next couple of weeks.