Golden Backpack and Body Shield facing big changes in Apex Legends season 3

Say “good-bye” to a useless perk.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Critics of the Legendary Body Shield are getting a small victory tomorrow.

An Apex Legends fan’s Reddit post today listed every update coming to the battle royale in season three, which releases tomorrow at 2pm CT. Fans will be happy to hear that the useless perk on the Golden Body Shield, as well as the Golden Backpack’s, will be undergoing some practical changes.

“Golden Body Shield takes the old Fast Use perk from the backpack,” the fan said.

The Legendary armor’s previous perk refreshed players’ shields when they performed a finishing move on an enemy. This perk was far from intuitive because executing an enemy leaves players susceptible to enemy fire.

The “Fast Use” perk, which was previously on the Golden Backpack, will cut down the amount of time it takes to use healing items by 50 percent.

Respawn devs aren’t leaving the Golden Backpack in the dust, however.

“Golden Backpack perk changed to Guardian Angel: Revived allies have increased shields and health when you revive them (50 shields and 70 health on revive),” according to the Apex fan.

Giving teammates half their shields and 70 percent of their health back when revived will definitely shake up the meta. Pushing a team when you down a player may work against you if a Lifeline gets a quick revive off, lulling you into a false sense of security.

Eager fans can jump into the season three action starting tomorrow at 2pm CT.