Apex teaser may suggest Revenant has taken Forge’s spot in Apex Games

The mysterious robot may not be on the back-burner after all.

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment may have bamboozled us all. The Apex Legends developer released a new minute-long video today that seems to suggest the battle royale’s season four legend release isn’t who we were expecting.

In the trailer, Forge appears on a televised show. But before he or the show’s host can get into the heart of the interview, the studio’s lights flicker on and off. The footage then cuts to Forge, who’s quickly stabbed in the back by Revenant.

Shortly after the video released, Respawn updated its season four page to reflect the events shown in today’s trailer. Forge’s image has been grayed out and the image caption reads “RIP Jimmie ‘Forge’ McCormick.” The season’s blurb now names a “mysterious legend” as one of the new features included in the update, which could mean Revenant is on his way to the Apex Games instead of Forge.

Although Forge’s death may come as a surprise to some, others may have seen it coming. Over the weekend, the trailer briefly appeared on YouTube before it was quickly pulled by Respawn. It was enough time for players to take screengrabs and begin sharing them online, however.

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Revenant first made an appearance in Apex’s Halloween-themed Fight or Fright collection event. The robot played host to the limited-time game mode, Shadowfall, in which players respawn into Kings Canyon as zombies after being killed.

Apex Legends season four is set to begin on Feb. 4.