Everything we know about Apex’s Revenant

Who is this mysterious legend?

Screengrab via PlayApex

With the reveal of Apex Legends‘ season four, many fans are already looking to the battle royale’s next features, including the game’s newest playable legend: Revenant—but who is this mysterious character, anyways?

Players got their first official glimpse of Revenant with the launch of the Halloween-themed Fight or Fright Collection event in October. He appeared in the event’s trailer after Pathfinder takes a Wraith portal to an alternate dimension and invited the recon legend to partake in “[his] games”, or Apex’s Halloween-themed limited-time game mode named Shadowfall.

Data miners first discovered Revenant in August shortly after the Iron Crown Collection event launched. With the update came new files, which contained a short description of the character and a list of abilities.

Revenant abilities

Revenant’s passive ability, which is named Stalker, allows him to walk faster while crouched and climb walls higher. The legend’s Q, named Silence, throws out a grenade that deals damage and silences any opponents hit by its range.

For his ultimate ability, Revenant drops a totem. Allies can interact with the totem to enter a shadow mode, which prevents them from dying or being downed. Those in shadow mode ignore shield damage, and if their health is depleted, they respawn at Revenant’s totem with a sliver of health.

When does Revenant launch on live servers?

Revenant is set to launch with Apex Legends‘ season four, which arrives on live servers Feb. 4 in celebration of the battle royale’s one-year anniversary. Included with the season is a new sniper rifle, named the Sentinel, changes to World’s Edge, and a new battle pass.