Apex Legends’ new Fortune’s Favor Pack gives players a Loba skin and 600 Apex Coins

“Only the best for my friends.”

Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ Loba is a thief with expensive taste and developer Respawn sure seems to be indulging her. The company revealed the Fortune’s Favor starter pack today, a bundle that contains a new skin for Loba and 600 Apex Coins for only $4.99.

The bundle gives players an extra way to kick off the season in style. Purchasing the pack will give players an exclusive Loba skin called “Pack Hunter” and 600 Apex Coins.

The cosmetic adds light blue to Loba’s color palette and features what looks like tribal marks on her chest and face. The red locks in Loba’s hair take the same shade of blue as her clothes and her eyes also glow in a faint hue. The cosmetic alters one of Loba’s trademarks, however, and removes the red makeup from around her eyes.

This isn’t Respawn’s first season bundle. The studio released the Assimilation Starter Pack following the debut of its fourth season, with similar contents: a rare skin for Revenant, the season four legend, and 600 Apex Coins all for $4.99. The Assimilation Pack is no longer available in stores after the season ended, however.

The Fortune’s Favor Pack may not be the only bundle to release this season. Pathfinder could reportedly get his own edition of the battle royale soon, according to data miners, and it would contain plenty of loot.

The Pathfinder edition reportedly follows the common theme of jungle combat and contains a guerilla-inspired skin for Pathfinder, a visual for the Havoc, a player badge, gun charm, and 1,000 Apex Coins, likely for $19.99—the same price as Apex‘s Octane edition.

Respawn hasn’t officially revealed the Pathfinder edition and some elements are liable to change. In the meantime, however, fans can take advantage of the Fortune’s Favor Pack to get an exclusive skin for the best thief in the Outlands.