Pathfinder may get his own edition of Apex Legends, data miners say

Several data miners found references to an edition styled after the smiling robot.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ beloved robot may get his own edition of the battle royale. Data miners found evidence of a Pathfinder-themed version of Apex today, complete with an exclusive skin and a matching badge.

The upcoming visual will dress the robot in an outfit that evokes imagery of jungle combat, according to an unofficial render by data miner iLootGames. The skin shows Pathfinder wearing camouflaged pants, a camouflaged scarf, and a red headband. He has two bandoliers slung across his chest and carries a loaded quiver on his back.

Image via Respawn Entertainment/iLootGames

Data miners DMDesu and Shrugtal uncovered a Pathfinder banner and badge that matches the visual. The item shows Pathfinder’s classic smiley-face badge updated with the red headband and arrows from the leaked skin. Fellow data miner Biast12 also revealed mentions of a “Pathfinder Edition” in the game files following the latest update.

Respawn and EA already experimented with several editions themed after specific characters. In October, Apex released two physical editions for Lifeline and Bloodhound. The pair had contrasting motifs, with Lifeline’s edition featuring an angelical theme while Bloodhound’s took a devilish turn. Each edition contained a legendary skin for a character and weapon, a badge, banner frame, and 1,000 ApexCoins.

Last February, Respawn revealed the Octane edition, styled after Apex’s Adrenaline Junkie. Like the Bloodhound and Lifeline editions, the copy features legendary cosmetics and Apex Coins.

Respawn hasn’t officially made a statement about a Pathfinder edition, but the legend is a popular character among Apex fans. Respawn also evidenced its dedication to Pathfinder by giving him an heirloom set during the Grand Soirée event. Data-mined information, however, isn’t official and findings are subject to change.