Apex is getting 2 physical editions next month

Which one will you choose?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Since its release in February, Apex Legends has been available for fans to download for free. But the battle royale is finally getting a physical edition for those who want to add it to their shelves. Respawn Entertainment previewed the list of exclusive rewards today for those who purchase either of the physical editions when they become available next month.

When the physical editions hit select retailers, there will be two versions for fans to choose from: a Lifeline and a Bloodhound version. The game will be the same, of course, but the list of exclusive rewards will differ. Those who purchase the Bloodhound version will receive The Intimidator Bloodhound legendary skin, while those with the Lifeline version will unlock the Guardian Angel Lifeline legendary skin.

Additionally, those who purchase the Lifeline edition will receive the Flatline’s Legendary Chooser of the Slain skin, an exclusive banner for Lifeline, and an angelic badge. Players who buy the Bloodhound edition will receive the Legendary Wrath Bringer Prowler skin and a devil-themed badge. Purchasing either copy will reward fans will 1,000 Apex Coins.

Last month, the physical editions leaked at a GameStop conference—the same conference that seemingly revealed Crypto’s design, a new charge rifle, and a Halloween skin for Gibraltar. The physical editions are set to release on Oct. 18, right around Halloween. So it’s possible that they may launch with a Halloween-themed event for fans to celebrate the spooky festivities.

The physical editions will be available for both consoles and PC and will become available for purchase on Oct. 18 for $19.99.