WoW Mythic+ affixes in Dragonflight season two

All the affixes you need to deal with in Dragonflight season two.

A bridge in World of Warcraft's Vortex Pinnacle.
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Dragonflight season two is one of the spicier World of Warcraft seasons since it did not only transform older dungeons like the Vortex Pinnacle from Cataclysm to Mythic+ dungeons, but it also turn the meta upside down with balancing changes and new affixes. While Explosive, Quaking, and Grievous said their final goodbyes to the game, Incorporeal, Entangling, and Afflicted make their entrance.

Designed to replace the original level seven Mythic+ affixes, Incorporeal, Entangling, and Afflicted all have one thing in common: major punishment if you fail to do the mechanic correctly or in time. Unlike the affixes they are replacing, the new affixes are more complex and demand higher team coordination, and will most likely pose an issue for PUG groups.

Trouble or not, here’s the full list of Mythic+ affixes that will be featured in Dragonflight season two.

New Mythic+ affixes in Dragonflight season two

First and foremost, let’s take a look at new affixes that will make a debut with the second season of Dragonflight. In total, we have three new affixes—Incorporeal, Entangling, and Afflicted. The affixes function on the same principle—do a specific mechanic to avoid losing DPS and healing done. Here are their official descriptions: 

  • New affix: Incorporeal – While in combat, incorporeal beings appear and attempt to destabilize players with spells that reduce their damage and healing done. Incorporeal beings are susceptible to all forms of crowd control.
  • New affix: Afflicted – While in combat, Afflicted Souls appear that seek the aid of players. Afflicted Souls spawn with poison, curse, and disease afflictions. Removing any of these afflictions or restoring the spirit to full health causes it to despawn. Fail to remove their afflictions in time will inflict players with a negative status effect.
  • New Affix: Entangling – While in combat, entangling vines snare players.

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Dragonflight season two Mythic+ affix rotation

Ludwig the Tortollan boss in Freehold WoW Dragonflight
Ring of Booty boss in Freehold Mythic+ dungeon.Image via Blizzard Entertainment

In a Blue Post on April 4, the devs announced level four affixes will now appear in level seven keys, and level seven affixes will start to appear when you start level 14 or higher Mythic+ keys while Fortified and Tyrannical should stay as core affix at level two and above.

In addition to that, Volcanic, which was originally meant to leave the game, is staying and Explosive is retiring with Dragonflight season two.

If we take all that into the equation, Dragonflight season two Mythic+ affix rotation will look as follows: 

Keystone level two affixes:

  • Tyrannical
  • Fortified

Keystone level seven affixes:

  • Afflicted
  • Incorporeal
  • Volcanic
  • Entangling
  • Storming

Keystone level 14 affixes:

  • Spiteful
  • Raging
  • Bursting
  • Bolstering
  • Sanguine

How to deal with Dragonflight season two affixes

Your strategy, talent builds, and approach to Mythic+ dungeons should change from one week to another as you face a new set of affixes.

Each week will feature three affixes from the list above and normally Blizzard loves mixing and matching them to create an entirely new dungeon experience. While you should definitely keep in mind affix combinations and plan accordingly, you should understand how can you deal with each affix separately.

  • Tyrannical – Whenever it’s Tyrannical week in Dragonflight, you should save your most important cooldowns for dungeon bosses since they will have more health and deal more damage. In addition to that, you want to help out your fellow healers by popping those personal defensive cooldowns in critical situations.
  • Fortified – While Tyrannical empowers bosses, the Fortified affix will empower trash mobs. So, on Fortified weeks, you want to use up all your cooldowns on demanding trash packs.
  • Afflicted – Afflicted is a Mythic+ affix added in Dragonflight season two that spawns friendly souls during combat. Once they reach the players, those spirits will try to cast Afflicted Cry, a spell that will reduce everyone’s Haste by 100 percent if not healed or dispelled in time. So, you want to either heal them up quickly or dispel one of three debuffs to save the group from a terrible debuff.
  • Incorporeal – Also added in Dragonflight season two, Incorporeal beings will attempt to reduce players’ damage and healing by 50 percent. To stop them, you need to interrupt or use hard CC abilities like Polymorph or Hex to keep them at bay.
  • Volcanic – Dealing with Volcanic is rather simple since the only thing you need to do is to move away from the spawned Volcanic Plume. Normally, they will spawn under your feet and you just need to move a bit to avoid being knocked up.
  • Entangling – To get rid of Entangling in Mythic+ dungeons, you should run out of the green circle on the ground. You can simply walk out, use a mobility spell, or an ability like Blessing of Freedom.
  • Storming – Similar to Volcanic, the Storming affix will periodically spawn and deal damage to you and knock you up if you don’t dodge it. So, just move away a couple of inches and you should be good to go.
  • Spiteful – Since the Spiteful affix spawns creatures from dead enemy corpses that deal heavy melee damage to a targeted player, you should always look to CC them. Normally, you don’t have to kill them, but if you’re overwhelmed by the number of mobs and your group is not really mobile, you can AoE them down together with other trash mobs.
  • Raging – For the Ragining affix, you always need to have one class with a “de-rage” ability which should be used on the most dangerous mob of the group. So, during the Raging weeks, you should look to have at least one Hunter, Druid, Rogue, or Evoker in your group.
  • Bursting – Although Bursting is predominately healer affix, Shadow Priests can bring their Mass Dispel to a run and help their healer by dispelling the party each time the stacks become “unhealable.” Generally, you want to dispel the party whenever you have five stacks or more or if you see a player struggling to stay alive.
  • Bolstering – Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy fix when Bolstering kicks in. The only thing you should do is evenly AoE the trash packs and avoid chain pulling to not bolster the new pack.
  • Sanguine – The rule of thumb on the Sanguine weeks is just don’t stand in Sanguine Ichor and interrupt casters. If you’re a tank, you’ll also have to kite trash packs as much as you can with your mobility spells and interrupt those stubborn casters standing in Sanguine Ichor.


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