How to recruit a friend in World of Warcraft

You can earn Game Time by playing with your friends.

Blizzard Entertainment’s “Recruit A Friend” program is a way for current players to get benefits from recruiting their friends to join them in playing World of Warcraft by offering a range of rewards.

Recruiting friends to play WoW can earn you a plethora of “explorer”-themed goodies as well as free Game Time tokens. So essentially, you pay for parts of your subscription by convincing friends to play too.

Your recruited friends get a couple of benefits as well. Not only do they get an “Extra Spacious Knapsack” to help them start their journey, they also get the ability to summon the person who recruited them every 30 minutes if they’re in a group with them. So you don’t necessarily need to play a Warlock to summon your friends that you just recruited to play with you.

To start your friend recruitment process, all you need to do is go to the social tab in your retail WoW client. The default keybind for opening your friend list in WoW is “o”.

On your social panel in-game, there will be a tab next to “Friends” and “Ignore” labeled “Recruit A Friend.”

At the bottom left of that panel, there will be a red button labeled “Recruitment.” Click that and a new panel will pop out asking you if you’d like to generate a link for your friends to use when setting up their WoW account.

Once you’ve generated and copied that link. Just send it to your friends, and once they’ve set up their WoW subscription, you’ll start to get all the perks from recruiting those friends.

Here is a list of the rewards you can get from recruiting a friend in retail WoW:

  • 1 month: Pet monkey named Rikki
  • 2 months: 30 days of Game Time
  • 3 months: Explorer’s Dunetrekkar mount
  • 4 months: Renowned Explorer title
  • 5 months: 30 days of Game Time
  • 6 months: Stinging Sands weapon enchantment appearance
  • 7 months: Renowned Explorer’s Tabard
  • 8 months: 30 days of Game Time
  • 9 months: Explorer’s Jungle Hopper mount
  • 10 months: Renowned Explorer’s Rucksack
  • 11 months: 30 days of Game Time
  • 12 months: Renowned Explorer’s attire
  • Every three months after 12 months: 30 days of Game Time