VALORANT players can create multiple one-way Sage walls on Split

The new update might have made it harder to take B site.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found new one-way Sage walls on Split that make taking B site much more difficult. 

VALORANT Patch 2.01 significantly updated Split to make it easier for attackers to enter sites, removed deep corners where enemies could hide, and limited the amount of 50/50 peek spots players might encounter. But the update also introduced new objects that players can use to their advantage to create one-way walls and off-angles that attackers won't expect. 

One of the new updates on Split is a stack of two boxes between B Heaven and the B Main entrance. This angle was designed to remove a 50/50 peek spot in B Heaven and make it easier for players to push into the site.

But Sage players can get on top of the box by jumping from B Heaven or being boosted by Raze’s satchel. Both methods require a little practice to master but are relatively easy to recreate. 

Once players are on top of the boxes, they can create a long wall covering the entire view of B Heaven from the B Main entrance. Making a long wall requires players to walk off an edge of an object and deploy the wall when they're at about the same level of the object. This extends Sage’s wall further than it'll usually go, allowing players to create these unique one-way walls. 

If done correctly, defenders in B Heaven can shoot enemies pushing into the site without being seen. They can also stand on the wall and watch the entrance from an off-angle, which most players won't expect. 

Attackers can engage enemies in B Heaven if they crouch, but it will likely catch them off guard the first time they encounter the wall. Combining the off-angle and B Heaven one-way view can let players easily hold B site for multiple rounds. 

Players can also place a Sage wall on the boxes toward the back of the site, which can be used to engage enemies attempting to plant the spike. Smart players can destroy the first segment of the wall visible from B Main to completely surprise enemies when they push deep into the site. 

Advanced players have the option to deploy Sage’s wall above the B site entrance, but this method requires a teammate to boost you on a crate in the corner. Crouch boosting in VALORANT is a tricky maneuver, but players have found consistent ways that are easy to learn. 

Sage can deploy a long wall above the B site entrance and surprise enemies before entering the area. The wall also creates multiple angles, so Sage can move around to confuse attackers. 

The new one-way walls on Split make taking the B site difficult if used correctly. It's unclear if this was an intentional design choice or if Riot Games will address the spots in a future update. Attackers should be careful in the meantime if they see an enemy Sage on Split.