How to boost teammates in VALORANT

Use this method to help your teammates.

Image via Riot Games

Boosting on top of another player in VALORANT is difficult. Many players believed it was intentionally impossible to prevent them from reaching areas without using abilities. But a VALORANT player has discovered a way to boost that allows any agent to reach elevated positions. 

To boost another player in VALORANT, one player must stand in the corner of the object they want to boost their teammate on top of. Once they’re in the corner, they must face the object and wait for their teammate to get into position. 

The other player must stand in the space between the original player and the object. They also need to face the object and then hold down the crouch, W key, and either the A or D key depending on the other player’s direction. 

Once the player being boosted is in position, the booster must hold W, jump, then crouch immediately after jumping. This will boost the other player on top of the object. The method can be used consistently once players master the process. 

Boosting players can allow every agent to use elevated positions without using abilities. Agents like Jett, Omen, and Raze were already able to get into higher locations, but other agents were stuck on the ground.

Riot Games hasn’t commented on this maneuver and it’s unclear if this is an intentional gameplay design. VALORANT players should use this method to their advantage for the time being, though, since it can help surprise enemies and win rounds.