VALORANT player showcases powerful Sova Drone spot on Ascent

Check the skies for a drone.

Screengrab via Riot Games

A VALORANT player recently highlighted a useful spot where Sova’s Drone can see most of A site on Ascent from heaven. 

Sova’s Drone can fly a limited distance above the ground before it’s stopped. But if it’s above a raised object, it can go higher into the sky, which can be used to get a better angle or view. 

A player posted a short clip of a spot in A heaven on Ascent where Sova’s Drone can see over the wall and into the site. The drone must be placed in a specific location on the wall and must fly over a specific object to reach the required height. If done correctly, Sova can see into grass, part of A main, and most of A site.

This spot could give a significant advantage to teams trying to retake A site. Normally, the wall obscures players hiding near the generator and players must push into the site or use utility to flush them out. Knowing where enemies are hiding can help Sova and his team plan their retake accordingly and without much risk. 

Players also recently found a good Drone spot in A main for attackers to gather information on the site, which means Sova has two powerful Drone spots on both sides. Sova players should add these techniques to their arsenal to help their teams defend and take the site. 

Other players commented that this spot is a bannable offense in professional tournaments, so this won’t likely appear in pro matches. But the spot is still available in regular games, so average players can use it to their advantage.

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