Sova player shows how to check A main on Ascent in VALORANT with Recon Bolt

Clear A main with ease.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player highlighted a lineup Sova players can use to show enemies hiding in A main and Wine on Ascent. 

A main is the first area attackers must take when pushing towards A site. Defenders can hold the area from the entrance into the site or hide in the cubby at the end of the passage, known as Wine. 

Sova’s Recon Bolt can highlight enemies hiding in this area to help teammates secure easy kills or avoid being surprised by enemies. Sova must stand near a gate towards the attacker spawn and fire the arrow at a hole just outside of the map. 

If done correctly, the arrow will land in the corner of A main behind Wine and highlight the entire area. Any hiding enemies will be highlighted, and if they shoot the dart, players will still have an idea of their location. 

Other players pointed out that Sova’s Shock Dart can also clear out Wine and damage hiding enemies. Combining the two can help the attacking team get an easy pick before entering the site. 

Another player recently highlighted a useful Sova drone tactic that can be used to gather information on enemy positions in A site. These two tactics can make it significantly easier for teams to push into the site without taking casualties. 

Remember to use lineups sporadically to avoid enemies predicting your strategy. Use other abilities to clear this area in other rounds, but use this reliable lineup as needed.

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