VALORANT player highlights useful Sova drone tactic for A site on Ascent

Use this drone spot to your advantage.

A VALORANT player discovered a way to see into A site with Sova’s drone by flying above the wall. 

The player uploaded a short clip explaining how to get the drone to the position. Players must deploy the drone and fly it directly above the stone wall near the entrance into A main. If done correctly, the drone will be able to fly higher into the sky. 

Once the drone has reached this position, players must maneuver it to a nearby awning. The drone can fly higher once on top of the awning, and players can see almost the entire A site. This is an excellent option to find where enemies are hiding to help your team push and take the site. 

Sova’s drone usually can only go a short distance into the air if deployed at ground level. But using it above higher objects allows it to continue to rise into the sky and creates opportunities for new angles. 

Players will typically fly the drone directly into the A site, which is easy for defenders to destroy without exposing their position. Using the drone from this spot can surprise enemies in crucial rounds and provide essential information to teammates. 

Try not to use this tactic every round, however, since the defending team will likely catch on to the positioning. Switching the drone angle each round will help keep the enemy guessing at which spot they need to cover.

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