Tfue calls VALORANT “an old man’s game,” says it’s “boring” and “slow”

He's probably sticking with Fortnite.

Screengrab via Tfue

VALORANT‘s first day of closed beta has already been a record-breaking one, but Tfue isn’t jumping on the hype train just yet. The Fortnite pro left a scathing review of Riot Games’ tactical shooter on stream—a starkly contrasting opinion from several other content creators.

When asked by his chat as to whether he would be playing the game often, Tfue had some choice words for Riot’s latest effort.

“It’s pretty fucking boring dude,” Tfue said. “I don’t like playing on a team with people, I just like 1v1.”

It seems it’s more a case of personal taste with the Fortnite pro, rather than any qualms about the actual quality of VALORANT. “It’s a good game, it’s just boring. It’s for like, older people for sure.”

“It’s just so fucking slow,” Tfue reiterated. “Kids ain’t gonna wanna play this shit. It’s more of a patient, strategy-based, old man’s game, you know?”

Battle royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG have always been known for their ability to immediately jump in and play, with constant action enforced by a rapidly enclosing map. Death is rarely an issue either, as players can quickly leave and join another lobby. Tactical shooters like CS:GO and VALORANT are round-based, strategical efforts, so deaths are definitely more punishing as compared to battle royales.

The FPS’s closed beta has been a resounding success so far, helping Twitch to hit 4 million concurrent viewers with VALORANT responsible for 1.7 million of those hits, and Riot had to suspend stream drops due to overwhelming server load.

So far, the game has received resounding reception from streamers like shroud and TimTheTatMan, with the former calling it “one of the greatest games” he’s played and the latter affirming that Riot’s tactical shooter “may be the next big thing.”

With most personalities such as shroud and summit1g comparing VALORANT to CS 1.6 in spite of the game’s hero-shooter mechanics, Riot’s latest project definitely isn’t forgetting the “tactical” in tactical shooter.

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VALORANT is Riot’s first effort in the FPS genre, and is also its first game set apart from its flagship League of Legends universe. For now, the fans’ only chance to get into the closed beta is to link their Riot accounts to their Twitch, watch streamers that have enabled drops, and hope that they are one of the lucky few to have their account whitelisted.