Riot pausing Twitch drops for VALORANT after server issues on first day

Riot said day one was "incredible but humbling."

Image via Riot Games

With the conclusion of the first day of the VALORANT closed beta, Riot Games has decided to momentarily pause drops on Twitch.

Tweeted from the official VALORANT Twitter account, Riot said the first day of the beta was “incredible but humbling” due to the server issues. The developer also said it would pause stream drops until “tomorrow morning (PT).”

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Numerous players ran into issues today, although the game still surpassed 1 million viewers on Twitch after the beta launched. Nonetheless, some players were plagued with error codes and server issues, and others were and are still waiting for a key to the beta.

Riot said it has heard fans’ “questions and concerns about [closed beta] access” and that it would update its fanbase on it.

Nearly 12 hours after the launch of the beta, Riot’s servers for VALORANT and League of Legends began to have issues. Players were greeted with a new error code and players on League reported that their list of friends had disappeared.