TimTheTatman on VALORANT: “I genuinely think this may be the next big thing”

Riot appears to have done good by VALORANT.

Screengrab via CyberPowerPC

Several lucky content creators got the opportunity to test out Riot’s upcoming first-person shooter VALORANT last weekend—and the reviews appear overwhelmingly positive.

Twitch star TimTheTatman explained on his broadcast today that he had a “blast” playing Riot’s tactical FPS, claiming the new title is going to be a “really big game.”

“I’m just very excited for the future of VALORANT,” Tim said. “I genuinely think this may be the next big thing.”

The Twitch star also promised some exclusive VALORANT content posting on his YouTube channel this Friday, April 3.

Riot appears to have created a shooter that rewards precise gunplay while offering character-based abilities that complement the game. The hype is definitely high and with Tim giving it the seal of approval, along with tons of other content creators and pro players, it doesn’t seem like fans will be disappointed.

Several other content creators showed their enthusiasm about the game’s release, too. Fortnite pro Tennp0 said VALORANT is “one of the best games” he’s played in a while, while 100 Thieves owner Nadeshot said he had “a ton of fun” playing it over the weekend.

Fans eager to jump into VALORANT will have the opportunity to earn beta access by watching select Twitch streamers broadcast the game. The beta kicks off on Tuesday, April 7.