LOUD’s Less believes whoever ‘figures out’ Pearl the fastest will have a big advantage at VALORANT Champions

The 17-year-old shared his thoughts on the new map.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff via Riot Games

Pearl is the newest map to join VALORANT, having been released in March. Even though the map has been out for some time now, some pro players believe that the team who figures it out first will have a big advantage.

LOUD’s Felipe “Less” Basso, who is attending VALORANT Champions as one of the Brazilian representatives, believes that “whoever figures out how to apply the best game to [Pearl]” will have the upper hand, he said in an interview with Esports.GG.

Less admits that the map is new and adapting to it hasn’t been as easy as he’d like it to be. After a dominating loss to OpTic on the map, he said, “They were faster than us and we were lacking some adaptability during this game.”

Despite being the newest addition to the official map pool, Pearl is still a popular map at VALORANT Champions. It has been picked six times so far, which is the same number of times as Icebox, Breeze, and Ascent, according to Liquipedia. Haven remains the most-picked map, having been chosen nine times.

LOUD still have one day to fix their mistakes on Pearl if they want to pick it during their decider match against ZETA DIVISION tomorrow. They defeated the Japanese side in their opening game, where they played on Ascent and Fracture.