Killjoy’s turret protects detained player and helps win the round

Don't underestimate Killjoy's turret.

Image via Riot Games

A Killjoy player discovered just how powerful her turret can be when it saved their life during the final round of a VALORANT match. The agent was detained during the end of the fight, but the turret protected them and bought enough time to win the round. 

The player was the final person alive on their team and was in a one vs. three situation. The spike was planted, and preventing the enemy team from defusing the device would win them the round. The enemy Killjoy player used their Lockdown ultimate ability, making it more difficult to defend the site. 

The player killed one enemy before the lockdown disabled them, and they were stuck in a corner as the final two enemies pushed their position. The turret, however, was still active and surprisingly helped them win the round. 

The opposing Killjoy attempted a knife kill, but the turret downed the agent before she could secure the elimination. This turned the round into a one vs. one situation, but the player was still detained and at a disadvantage. The turret bought enough time to turn the match around, however. 

The player killed the final enemy pushing into the site and won a one vs. three situation while also detained by Killjoy’s ultimate. Killjoy’s turret was a critical part of the success, proving just how valuable it can be. The ability can help defend sites, soften enemies as they push into an area, deal significant damage if it is not immediately destroyed, and even kill injured enemies.

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