How to hide account level in VALORANT

Toggling your account level is simple.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players can show off their experience with their account level, letting friends and opponents know how much experience they have. But some players would rather hide this information since it could lead to teammates expecting low-level players to perform poorly or assume they’re smurfs.

The good news is hiding your account level in VALORANT is simple and can be toggled with ease. 

Players earn Account Points by playing any mode in VALORANT. You can also earn bonus points after your first win of the day. Long and difficult matches reward more Account Points too, so consider playing ranked matches if you want to level up quickly. A new account level border is unlocked every 5,000 Account Points and players earn new border styles every 20 levels.

Players can hide their account level in VALORANT in the Collection menu. Select the level borders option next to banners to bring up the account level menu. Here, you can select any of the account level borders you’ve unlocked or disable the “Show my account level on my player card” option. Unchecking this box will hide your VALORANT account level. 

This option doesn’t impact your matchmaking experience, but your teammates won’t see your account level. This isn’t a significant issue, but some players prefer seeing how much experience their teammates have before a match begins. You can always enable the option if you reach a significant level and want to show your account level, but feel free to enable or hide your account level in VALORANT as needed.

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