Hiko retires from CS:GO, signs with 100 Thieves as the team’s first pro VALORANT player

The 30-year old veteran has found a new game and a new team to call home.

Photo via DreamHack

After teasing his fans with a big announcement all day, popular streamer Spencer “Hiko” Martin has finally revealed that he has retired from pro CS:GO to become the team captain for 100 Thieves’ pro VALORANT team.

“I think that I can consider myself officially retired from CS:GO,” Hiko said during his stream. “All of my effort and all of my time now will be towards VALORANT.”

He also confirmed that he will be moving to Los Angeles after the global situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic has improved. Once he is able to relocate closer to the team headquarters, he’ll help 100 Thieves build a strong roster to compete in the budding VALORANT esports scene.

Hiko is a veteran of the CS:GO scene, having played for 12 teams over the course of an eight-year career, including organizations like Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Rogue. He is one of the most popular North American talents, and has built a dedicated fanbase through content creation and streaming.

100 Thieves is yet another esports organization to take the plunge and create a pro VALORANT roster, joining T1, TSM, Sentinels, Gen.G, and Immortals.

Riot Games still hasn’t given many details about the game’s esports ecosystem, saying that the scene should be “a little more grassroots” with how it grows and establishes itself with organizations and fans.