Here’s how to check how much money you’ve spent in VALORANT

No judgements here.

Image via Riot Games

We’ve all been there at one point in time in VALORANT. You see a skin or a new bundle you like, but it’s pretty pricey. You find a way to justify the cost—but before you know it, you’ve spent quite a bit of money on the game.

Thankfully for fans of the tactical shooter, Riot Games has a tool to tell you exactly how much money you’ve spent on your account, so the next time you get the urge to spend, you can pull it up and make an informed decision with how much you’re spending in mind.

Checking is pretty easy. Follow this link to Riot Games’ support page, and log in on the website. From there, it’s simple. Just click on the button to reveal your purchase history.

You’ll find your total, as well as how much money you spent each time you made a purchase.

No judgement—the skins in VALORANT are awesome. In terms of fan service, Riot has gone above and beyond in the cosmetics department. But it may be time to check exactly how much money you’ve spent, just as a reality check.

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