Can you get VALORANT on PS4?

Don't expect VALORANT on consoles anytime soon.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT is one of the most popular first-person tactical shooters on the market, attracting thousands of players each day. Riot Games has done an excellent job supporting the game post-launch with consistent updates, including new agents, maps, and other exciting content. 

VALORANT’s popularity has attracted fans on all platforms, including console players anxiously waiting for the game to be available on their systems. While Riot has hinted at the potential of a console version for VALORANT, it’s unclear if it will ever happen or if it will be available on older consoles. 

Riot confirmed PC was its focus for the time being but is “open to exploring” other platforms. The company didn’t provide a specific timeline, however. Riot also confirmed it’s prototyping console versions but isn’t sure if the game will “translate completely to console play.” This doesn’t mean VALORANT will never appear on the PlayStation 4 or other consoles, but it won’t happen anytime soon. 

VALORANT’s gameplay is tailored to PCs, allowing players to have pinpoint accuracy and compensate for intense recoil with a mouse. This is hard to recreate on controllers, although a few changes could make the game more accessible on other platforms. 

But don’t expect VALORANT to be available on the PS4 since it’s an older console. If VALORANT ever comes to consoles, it will likely be on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. If VALORANT is a game you want to play, consider investing in a PC for the time being.