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Lotus is one of VALORANT’s most unique maps. From the breathtaking designs of the map’s intricate stonework to the plants that seem to bloom out of nowhere, the three-site map has been sending players scrambling since the launch of Episode Six.

The map is set in India and heavily inspired by ancient Indian rock-cut architecture, and its most unique gameplay feature is two rotating temple doors that swing around and alert everyone when used, plus a breakable smaller door at the A link between A main and the B site.

In general, the best type of composition to run on Lotus is either a double Controller or double Initiator composition. The map enables rotation and flanking on both sides, so having site control and information-gathering tools at the ready is very important.

After some extensive testing and analysis of VCT professional play since the map’s release, we’ve compiled a list of agents that should set you up for success on the game’s newest map. And if you’re looking for a last-minute composition for your Premier squad, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Best agents to play on Lotus

Controllers: Omen, Harbor, and Viper

VALORANT Omen art, with Omen's cape blowing in the wind.
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For your main Controller on Lotus, Omen‘s pinpoint smoke placement abilities combined with his teleporting abilities make him a prime candidate for any composition on this map. Like Split, Lotus is a map where Omen can take advantage of the verticality of each site to quickly shift to new areas that other agents can’t get to with their movement abilities.

His precise smoke placement mechanics will make sure you’re smoking off just the right angle on a map full of tight corners and easy hiding places for your opponents. These hiding places also offer perfect opportunities to get away with a sneaky Omen ultimate and perfectly placed Paranoia.

While agents like Astra and Brimstone are also not bad choices, given their similar ability to place smokes, Omen’s vertical movement puts him in a class of his own on this map and allows for a more flexible playstyle, which is always good on a three-site map where many rotations are inevitable.

Harbor can also be a decent choice on Lotus, and it seems like he fits into the map perfectly in terms of both his abilities as well as his lore and design. The control Harbor has over his High Tide water wall makes walling off multiple angles on any site an easy task. For wider chokepoints that other controllers can’t cover with a single smoke, his Cascade is perfect. Cove is also a terrific piece of utility for any save or pistol round, and Reckoning works best on Lotus over any other map, since the sites themselves are so small.

Another great secondary controller pick is Viper. Similarly, her Toxic Screen can cut off multiple angles and take control of an entire site with one ability and a good Duelist entry. In addition, Viper can utilize hiding places on flanks to set up lineups to execute a perfect post-plant scenario. Like Harbor’s ultimate, Viper’s Pit makes controlling any of Lotus’s three sites a breeze, because the pit covers such a large percentage of the site.

Sentinels: Killjoy

Killjoy, one of VALORANT's sentinels, holding an automatic pistol.
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Killjoy is generally considered a must-pick on this map. It is one of the few maps where her utility can cover multiple sites at once due to its short range, and with all of the ways to get around Lotus, you want that reliability on both attacking and defending rounds.

Though Sentinels in general are considered a weaker agent class on attack, since rotating around to flank enemies is a common theme on Lotus Killjoy actually thrives here. Her Lockdown again is powerful just due to the sheer ability of being able to cut off nearly the entire site, but also because the Lockdown itself can generally be placed in a very secure area on the map. Unless the enemy team has a Sova ultimate or another hard counter to the ability ready, they will have to back away from the Lockdown almost every time.

While other Sentinels like Cypher and Sage can also work here if you’re really against playing Killjoy, she is by far still the best choice. Unfortunately, you’ll probably want to stay away from VALORANT’s newest agent, Deadlock, on Lotus.

Initiators: Fade, Breach, Skye

Fade, One of VALORANT's initiators , about to cover her head.
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Lotus is a map where defenders can, and will, be aggressive. Therefore, your chosen Initiator on this map has to be good on both sides of the site.

Fade is one of the best agents right now, and her utility is incredibly strong when used in the right way. It can be used not only to discover where in tight corners enemies may be hiding when your team is attacking but also can put your team in a prime position to seek out your opponents early when on defense. Once again, Fade has an ultimate that covers a certain area when cast, and with Nightfall being a nearly overpowered ultimate, she can practically wipe a site on Lotus clear by herself.

Similarly, Breach has abilities that can slow down your opponent’s aggressiveness. His Rolling Thunder again is one of the best ultimates to have on Lotus because it can clear an entire site. Breach also allows for flexibility in his ability usage as a defensive tool. His stun, which works great on Lotus due to the many small corners and tight areas, can force an enemy to rotate or separate teammates from each other. His flash, though unique, is nearly as good on Lotus as it is on Fracture.

Skye is also a strong choice, but carries more value on the attacking side and when your team is retaking a site. Her flashes can easy navigate around the tight corners and crevices on Lotus when guided by an expert player, reducing the likelihood of flashing your own teammates. Her Trailblazer is also great for seeing around corners and can capitalize on the small area of each site to grab a ton of information for a retake. If you choose to run a Skye, it’s better for her to play with her team and not try to hold off a five-man rush on her own.

Duelists: Jett, Neon

Neon, one of VALORANT's duelists, sending a message to her enemies.
Image via Riot Games

With aggression being a great tactic on Lotus, who better to set those pushes in motion than Jett? With either an Operator or a rifle, Jett can get an early kill or even just information and dash back to safety, and there are so many elevated spots that she can reach with ease to catch opponents off guard across the entire map. Though using an Operator might not be your first instinct on this map, you’d be surprised how much value it can get in the right hands. Jett’s escapability and fast movement allow her to control smaller sites easily, and get out when needed.

Agents with excellent movement skills are great options for certain roles in your Lotus composition, and the only agent that can compare with Jett in that way is Neon. Though she is a strong agent, she has become a bit of a niche pick, but can really shine on this map.

Neon can clear corners and catch enemies off guard, and her stuns are incredibly powerful for catching enemies where they have nowhere else to go. She can use her speed to rotate to sites quickly and also gather critical information. Send your Neon player running in with a Fade Prowler or a Skye dog to get maximum value.

Raze can also be a good choice of Duelist if you have a player that can consistently land their grenades in tight corners. Her ultimate can have a higher chance of success here, but tread carefully.


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