The Void trait in TFT Set 9.5, explained

Get Baron on your side in TFT.

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From summoning a small buddy that assists you in the frontline to bringing forth Baron Nashor itself, the Void trait is one of the most unique traits in Teamfight Tactics’ Set 9.5. It takes some effort to both find and set up the Void units for success, but it’s worth it to see Baron stomp all over your opponents. It hasn’t changed much since Set 9, but there are some key differences in how it works with new champions and traits.

Here is how the Void trait in TFT Set 9.5 works, including a list of all units with the trait and how the egg spawn concept works.

How the Void trait works in TFT Set 9.5

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TFT’s Set 9 and 9.5 brings plenty of new content to the game. Image via Riot Games

The Void trait is the newest version of a classic TFT trait—the summon. There is (usually, at least) one trait per set that summons an extra unit for the player to use in combat. In the case of Void, you’ll earn your special summoned unit via a Void egg, which hatches each round to spawn a special monster that changes based on how many Void units you have.

To start, activating the trait requires three Void units. The trait offers no buffs to the units on the board, only boosting the summon from your special Void egg. Three Void units get you the Void Remora, a small unit that does a little damage and gets a shield as an ability. It has health and mana, just like most units in TFT.

Scaling for the Void trait goes to six and eight units, summoning a different ally for each. Six Void units evolve your egg into the Rift Herald, which regular League of Legends players will recognize. Similarly to what it does in League, the Rift Herald has a ton of health, and its ability allows it to charge into a group of enemies and knock them up. 

Lastly, for eight Void units, the egg will spawn the almighty Baron Nashor. A difficult unit to summon, Baron comes with boss-level health and three different abilities that deal massive damage. Specifically, Baron has a single-target bite, a multiple-target spit attack, and a knock-up—all similar to its abilities in LoL.

All Void units in TFT Set 9

  • Cho’Gath (Void/Bruiser)
  • Malzahar (Void/Sorcerer)
  • Kassadin (Void/Bastion)
  • Rek’Sai (Void/Bruiser/Slayer)
  • Vel’Koz (Void/Multicaster/Sorcerer)
  • Kai’Sa (Void/Challenger)
  • Bel’Veth (Void/Empress)

There are seven Void units in total, meaning that the only way to get to eight Void units and get Baron Nashor on your board is to get a Void Emblem or an augment that offers an extra Void spot.

Because Kai’Sa is a strong four-cost unit on the team, Fiora is the go-to unit to place a Void Emblem on to complete the eight Void trait. Her ability to activate the Challenger trait allows Kai’Sa to become even stronger and use her ability more. If you get that Void Emblem on Fiora or get that extra Void spot, you can go for that eight Void composition and try and get Baron. They’re a huge power spike and usually key to getting first-place finishes instead of thirds and fourths.

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