TFT Set 7 Soraka 3-star forces concession in PBE Clash

The heal is the real deal.

Image via Riot Games

Extreme possibilities became a reality during the Teamfight Tactics PBE Clash, showcasing Set Seven Dragonlands, via a three-star Soraka that heals units and your tactician.

Game one of the Set Seven PBE Clash showcased two powerful comps facing off against one another in the final match today, piloted by Pasdebol and Qitux. Putting the Double Trouble Draconic Augment to use, Pasdebol was running three-star Ezreal, Illaoi, and Varus—with two-star versions on the battlefield as well. Pasdebol was set to win the lobby, when Qitux on Anivia Revel managed to three-star their Soraka prior to what was likely the final round, healing 75 health and forcing a concession from Pasdebol.

Qitux was able to hit a two-star Bard at Stage 5-5, a five-cost champion who produces Doots and increases the odds of seeing tier three, four, and five-cost TFT Set Seven champions in the shop by one percent thanks to the Bard trait.

Rolling for a three-star Idas was a possibility until Qiutx started collecting Soraka’s on the bench. Dumping the Bard’s and other champs on the bench, Qitux was able to hit the three-star Soraka right before the final round was about to begin.

Soraka is a five-cost TFT Set Seven champion who also has a unique trait similar to Bard: Starcaller, which is able to heal your allies and Tactician upon casting her spell. And at three-star, Soraka heals the Tactician (your health) 75 upon her first cast. Pasdebol knew the game was over at this point as healing from Soraka would take place in every round played, making it essentially impossible for him to beat Qitux. 

Players can test Bard, Soraka, and even Ezreal as a primary carry on the PBE servers. The official release of TFT Set Seven Dragonlands will take place on June 8 via Patch 12.11.

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