TFT Neon Nights Last Chance Qualifier: Standings, scores, and format

Intense multiregional battles took place, determining the final two players advancing to TFT Worlds.

Image via Riot Games

A total of eight Teamfight Tactics players from four Western regions battled for the last two spots at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. 

Showcasing TFT Worlds vibes, the Set 6.5 Neon Nights Last Chance Qualifier contained two players from the NA, EMEA, LATAM, and BR regions. A total of six games were played, with the top two highest-scoring players after six games advancing to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship

Players competed on Patch 12.7, the same patch for the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship that will take place from April 29 to May 1. Points awarded were eight for first place and one point for an eighth-place finish per game. Eight TFT players battled at the Last Chance Qualifier, all hoping to increase their region’s size at Worlds. 

Screengrab via Riot Games
  • Ramblinnn (NA)
  • Inikoiniko (NA)
  • Ginggg (EMEA)
  • Szati (EMEA)
  • Slooper (BR)
  • Eusouolucas (BR)
  • Tewesito (LATAM)
  • Greenbeing (LATAM)

Trash talk began immediately in Twitch chat, with Milk declaring that Ramblinnn from the NA region had already claimed one of the two spots available. The Brazilian region, however, had two previous Worlds contenders competing, seeking to increase their representation at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship.

For the first time in TFT history, the LATAM region has three players attending Worlds, with the opportunity to increase that number to five via Tewesito and Greenbeing. The EMEA region already has five representatives at Worlds, with Ging and Szati seeking to increase that number to seven.

TFT Last Chance Qualifiers standings 

After two games played, Eusoulucas sat atop the leaderboard following two Prismatic Hextech Augment rounds. Close behind him were Ging and Ramblinnn. Mutant Voracious Appetite, staring Kai’Sa, dominated during games three and four to shake up the standings.

Heading into the final game, Szati, Twesito, and Slooper were out of contention for the top two. Game six came down to Eusouolucas claiming one of the spots to TFT Worlds, with Ramblinnn and Ging fighting for the second spot. Ramblinnn took game six, tying with Ging for overall points. Ging won the tiebreaker, joining Eusouolucas as the two players advancing to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship.