Noobowl, C9 k3soju dominate final lobby at TFT 6.5 Challenger Series

Noobowl put on a show on how to win at TFT.

TFT Set 6 Jayce
Image via Riot Games

Seeking two of the last four Teamfight Tactics invites to the North American Gizmos & Gadgets: Neon Nights Regional Finals, Noobowl and C9 k3soju put on veterans’ performances during the final day of the Set 6.5 Challenger Series tournament.

A total of 16 TFT players who had not earned invites to the NA Regional Finals competed at the Set 6.5 Challenger Series. It was the last chance for many of the competitors to earn a seat at Neon Nights Regionals, outside of two invites getting rewarded to the top-two Ranked players on the ladder. On the ladder, only Noobowl and Trade were within range to earn those invites. 

Trade just missed the day two cutoff at the TFT 6.5 Challenger Series. Noobowl advanced, though, along with C9 k3soju, who has never missed qualifying for an NA Regional Final tournament. Both competitors came into day two of the Challenger Series playing the strongest board out of the gate, dominating the rest of the lobby. 

Noobowl earned a total of four first-place victories at the Challenger Series, playing a wide variety of legendary level-nine boards. He also had the most first-place finishes over the course of both days. C9 k3soju started the day off strong with a lobby win during game one and had top-four finishes in games two, four, and five. 

C9 k3soju needed a sixth-place or higher in game six to lock his invite to Regionals but ended up taking a seventh. The only player who could bump him was Ripple Overdrive, who cashed out on five Mercenary in game six and went on an eight win-streak until getting taken out by Illucky for a fourth-place finish—just missing second-place by two points in the overall standings. 

Image via Wisdom/Riot Games

Here were the final standings at the TFT 6.5 Challenger Series:

  • Darth Nub: 47 points
  • DPEI: 46 points
  • Illucky: 37 points
  • Milala: 37 points
  • Noobowl: 36 points
  • Ripple Overdrive: 34 points
  • Spethom: 33 points
  • C9 k3soju: 32 points

Noobowl took a break from TFT during Set Six and came back in Set 6.5 firing on all cylinders to earn that NA Regional Finals invite along with Co k3soju at the Challenger Series. With Noobowl winning the final tournament of Neon Nights, it opened up the Ranked ladder for those last two spots at NA Regionals.