All TFT Set 10 Tacticians: Little Legends, Chibi Champions, and Arenas

New Tactician recruits are coming.

Scratch mixing songs on stage
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games went down the music rabbit hole with Teamfight Tactics Set 10, featuring new Little Legends and Chibi Champions that will drop throughout the Remix Rumble set. 

Set releases will change with the launch of Remix Rumble, lasting four months without a Mid-Set update. Riot has also changed the battle pass format for TFT in Set 10, offering players two instead of one. Each battle pass in Remix Rumble costs 1,295 RP, granting VIP access to Arenas, Tacticians, and other cosmetics. Much like previous battle passes, players can purchase the battle pass at any time, or choose to collect only the free-to-play rewards.  

Here’s every TFT Set 10 Little Legend and Chibi Champion, according to Riot

All TFT Set 10 Chibi Champions

Tacticians joining the Chibi Champion ranks are Sett, Akali, and Kai’Sa

Sett Chibi Champion

Sett has two variants: Base Chibi Champion Sett and HEARSTEEL Chibi Champion Sett. The base Chibi variant can be purchased directly after the launch of Set 10 through Patch 13.23 for 1,900 RP. The base variant also comes with a signature Boom, Haymaker. 

HEARSTEEL Chibi Sett is leaving the Treasure Realms at the end of TFT Patch 13.23. 

Set 10 Chibi Akali

Chibi Akali and Chibi K/DA ALL OUT Akali will be dropping into the live servers through TFT Patch 13.24. Players can purchase the base Chibi Akali for 1,900 RP and Chibi K/DA Akali is in Treasure Realms as Star content. Chibi K/DA All Out Akali will leave the Treasure Realm through Patch 14.2 but the base variant will remain. 


Image of Chibi Kai'Sa on stage performing
Chibi Headliner KDA POPSTARS KaiSa. Image via Riot Games

Much like Akali, Chibi K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa drops into the TFT Set 10 live servers through Patch 13.24 with a new splash and finisher. There is a base Chibi Kai’Sa as well that can be purchased individually for 1,900 RP. Chibi K/DA POP/STARS Kai’Sa will depart the Treasure Realms through Patch 14.2. 

All TFT Set 10 Little Legends

The Mythic Little Legend for Set 10 is Scratch—and it’s likely one of my favorites alongside the many variants of Choncc.

Scratch and Boba Sprite Little Legend

Players can find Scratch in the Mixmaster bundle or purchase the Mythic Little Legend directly for 2,500 RP. Boba Sprite is included in the Set 10 battle passes. 

Dj Gloop and Superfan Sprite

Both DJ Gloop and Superfan Sprite are available through the TFT Set 10 battle passes.

Little Legend variants 

Each Epic Little Legend variant—Choncc, Ao Shin, and Umbra—is available for direct purchase in the store for 925 RP. They can also be found in Treasure Realms. The Epic Set 10 Little Legends each have several variants. 

  • Ao Shin: Mixmaster, Emo, and Disco
  • Umbra: Slow Burn, Emo, Pentakill, and Disco
  • Choncc: Mixmaster, Pentalill, and Disco

K/DA In the Convergence Arena

K/DA arena in TFT Set 10
K/DA arena | Image via Riot Games

Jam to the sounds of TFT Set 10 through the K/DA In the Convergence Arena. Players can get the board through Treasure Realms as Start content that drops through Patch 14.2. 

Updates to Little Legends and Chibi Champions getting added or removed from TFT Set 10 will take place once that information becomes available.


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