xQc threatens to ban viewers who post offensive messages in other streamers’ chats

The action stems from some streamers receiving death threats.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQcOW

After his viewers were called out for going rampant in other streamers’ chats over the last few days, xQc has proposed a solution to remove some of the toxicity from his community.

During his most recent stream, as xQc began to load into the Offline TV and Friends Rust server, he warning his chat that he would be banning viewers that enter fellow streamers’ chats and post offensive messages.

This move comes just days after the streamer began playing on the OTV and Friends Rust server, becoming a polarizing figure between his fellow players.

Most notably, after killing xQc on the server, multiple streamers reported receiving an influx of viewers into their chat who proceeded to post harassing messages. Some players even claim they received several death threats following interactions with xQc during the game.

After some of the issues plaguing the server, Valkyrae, the streamer who created the server, shared that she will not be inviting any new streamers and there could be a possible server reset if the harassment continued.

Despite the negative attention, xQc’s channel has been recording the greatest numbers of any other streamer on the server, currently boasting over 100,000 concurrent viewers.