XQc teaches stream sniper a lesson in Fall Guys’ Slime Climb map

He kicked the player off the map, eliminating them.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Popular variety streamer xQc had an epic battle with a stream sniper in Fall Guys yesterday.

He was dominating the competition on his stream, winning five games in a row—an achievement few players have unlocked so far. Then, a viewer made the questionable decision to try to end xQc’s winning streak by stream sniping him during his sixth match.

A few meters ahead of the finish line on the Slime Climb map, which was round three of the match, the player specifically waited for xQc to arrive, who remembered his generic pseudonym “Fall Guy 9350.” When he did, the player grabbed him to try to prevent him from winning.

XQc isn’t the kind of player to let those actions go unpunished, though. Even after he managed to free himself from the player, rather than going straight to the finish line and ending the round, xQc came back at them and tried to push them off the map.

After several seconds of holding each other in place while other players stopped to watch the event unfold, another competitor tried to unsuccessfully defend the stream sniper. He ended up assisting xQc in kicking the stream sniper off the map, though, who tried to claw his way back but failed miserably.

Despite losing precious time to eliminate the stream sniper, xQc finished fourth in this round. But xQc lost the match in the last round and then switched to another game.

XQc has played a lot of Fall Guys since its release on Aug. 4 and has completed almost every challenge of the game. He also reached level 40 before over 95 percent of the players who own the game.

Fall Guys is undoubtedly the game of the summer. It rapidly gained popularity after its beta phase and has gathered over 10 million players on PlayStation 4. The game is available on PS4 and Steam.