XQc wins 5 Fall Guys games in a row, unlocks Infaillible achievement

He aims to unlock every achievement in the game.

Screengrab via xQc

Popular streamer and former Overwatch League pro xQc won five straight Fall Guys games on stream yesterday to earn an achievement that few others have unlocked so far.

Infaillible, an achievement that’s unlocked after winning five Fall Guys matches in a row, was listed on Steam as the only challenge at zero percent of completion in the community. It’s the hardest challenge in Fall Guys. But xQc completed it yesterday—and has almost every challenge in the game done, too.

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After earning four victories in a row, the fifth game ended on the Hex-A-Gone map. XQc looked completely calm as he jumped from platform to platform to be the last surviving player. When he grabbed the win, he had a burst of joy while his chat was full of “I was here” comments.

Popular League of Legends streamer and former pro BoxBox unlocked the Infaillible achievement last week. The challenge now displays a 0.1 percent completion rate on Steam.

Since Fall Guys’ successful release on Aug. 4, Mediatonic’s fun new game has rapidly gained an incredible amount of popularity and has become the game of the summer. It’s also surpassed 10 million players on PlayStation 4.

Fall Guys is only available on Steam and PS4 right now.