BoxBox narrowly wins a match to unlock the hardest Fall Guys achievement

Fall Guys is fun but stressful.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys has become one of the most popular games since its release earlier this month. The competitive but fun gameplay keeps players entertained for hours as they chase for an elusive crown. But one achievement that’s piqued the interest of serious gamers requires them to win five matches in a row. 

The achievement is called “Infallible” and it’s considered to be the most challenging achievement in Fall Guys. Mediatonic, the developer behind Fall Guys, hinted at an achievement so difficult that it didn’t believe anyone would unlock it, which many assume to be Infallible. Many players have already unlocked the difficult achievement, however, including BoxBox. 

BoxBox is a popular League of Legends streamer and former professional player. He’s a talented Fall Guys player who recently beat the Slime Climb mini-game in Fall Guys in 51 seconds in a perfect run. He finally unlocked the Infallible achievement in a recent stream, but it wasn’t an easy victory. 

BoxBox was on a four-match win streak and was in the final round of his fifth match. He needed to reach the top of Fall Mountain to grab the crown before anyone else, but he fell behind after getting hit by a large ball. He was able to catch up with the players in front of him, though, and still had a chance to win. 

There were a few players in front of him at the top of the mountain, but luckily the leader missed the crown. Other players grabbed each other as they fought for the victory, which bought more time for BoxBox. He jumped toward the crown at the last minute and managed to win the game and secure the coveted achievement. 

More players will likely unlock the achievement in the future, but few will secure a nailbiting victory like BoxBox.